Corvus RG160

Resistant smart phone with standard keyboard and simple manipulation will unexpectedly change your life

  • Resistant with standard keyboard
  • Excellent even for true beginners
  • >30 apps in the luxurious Corvus Interface
  • Almost 200.000 books from 5 libraries
  • your location, objects search
  • Optional use of Google Play

There are more “sure-fire” functions in modern smart phones, so what now? They could universally support the blind and partially sighted, but there are still many users uncomfortable with smart phone touch screens. We are aware our users are capable of miracles, yet we understand this handling method can be an unprecedented obstacle for many.

Let us introduce the simple but resistant Corvus RG160 smart phone which integrates the pros of modern smart phones combined with secure control by means of a standard, well-palpable keyboard, supplemented by the popular Corvus applications set.

Appreciative feedback from Corvus RG160 users

  • its handling is simple, operation remains highly efficient
  • resistant phone which fits your hand, equipped with standard keyboard
  • to soothe beginners, it still promotes user growth - are 30 integrated apps not enough? You can easily install and use many third party apps from Google PLAY
  • thoughtful and elaborate Corvus functions make it your universal helper, and you are free to use only those functions you need
  • Corvus does not forget the partially sighted - its high contrast, large icons, sustainable pre-set text size make partially sighted users fall in love with it, if they do not wish to switch to large touch screen smart phones

The Corvus RG160 smart phone is a very pleasant aid for making phone calls with its standard tangible keyboard - easily controlled, no need to apply touch gestures. Our best news is that it guarantees security, its IP68 enclosure withstands dust, water and falls from a height. And still, it is surprisingly light and fits your hand perfectly.

Dial one digit directly on the main screen to contact you family/friends. Simple shortcuts open any favourite applications.

Corvus RG160 also guarantees you safety and privacy. For example, your phone gives you your location if you get lost, which you may easily send to your family and friends. Optional screen shadowing will dissuade unwanted snoops. No one will ever stare over your shoulder at your phone screen.

The Object search function supported by Corvus RG160 will definitely come in handy in your everyday activities. Place a small BeeNode tag (purchased extra) on an object of your choice, and the BeeNode can be “quickly rung” by your smart phone. The ring tone will guide you to a lost wallet or keys. Similarly, you’ll find your smart phone if rung from a magic BeeNode.

You can label a bought compote can with a small sticker and teach Corvus what food is inside. Later on you can pick the can up from similar shapes, scan the sticker and immediately know what you are about to eat. J No need to buy the stickers. Print them easily at home using your home office printer.

Corvus RG160 could not skip the most popular function - Book Download. There is not one but already five digital libraries for the blind to download directly to your smart phone - books and magazines in text or audio format. Downloaded documents can be instantly played in the elaborated media player.

Essential properties:

  • The resistant phone, IP68 rating, withstands dust, a fall from 1.5 m, is waterproof for 30 mins if sunk in 1.5 m deep water, and it remains light and fits your hand.
  • A standard tangible 3x4 keyboard with additional keys which increase comfortable handling of the phone, and text can be also dictated.
  • More than 30 applications integrated in the luxurious, simple-to-control, highly efficient and intuitive Corvus Interface. In other words, you do not need to learn to operate applications one by one, master one and you have mastered practically all. It is of course up to you which you will use.
  • There are many practical functions such as notes, dictaphone, music player, calculator, calendar, task manager, etc.
  • Digital libraries accessed by Corvus offer almost 200.000 books (especially in Czech and Slovak, some in English and German) for blind readers. It only takes logging in, searching and downloading and you are ready to listen. It cannot be simpler.
  • It includes the most upgrade Corvus license (Corvus Effective) linked to their phone's IMEI; a phone with a pre-installed Corvus applications set can also be purchased without an activated license, if you already have one.
  • We keep multiplying new Corvus functions, you cannot miss them as they are securely upgraded throughout your phone's service life.
  • The Corvus phone allows you to install third party apps from Google Play, while the Corvus Reader makes their infinite option easily accessible.

Who is Corvus RG160 designed for?

Corvus RG160 is suitable for blind and partially sighted users who have thus far avoided smart phones because touch screens and complicated handling worry them. If you have experienced similar fears with smart phones, Corvus RG160 could open up an excellent way to the advantages that smart phones offer the blind and partially sighted.

You can finally firmly hold your smart phone - thanks to the standard tangible keyboard

We believe you will be surprised how such a device improves your everyday life.

There are of course many users who prefer powerful, “parameter-packed” phones with the most recent operating system, loads of sensors, a great camera, a huge memory, and especially those who do not avoid “touch screens”. We definitely advise them to consider buying the Corvus Effective PLUS applications set they could use on their dream phone.

You can find more information about Corvus rg160 in detailed article on our blog.

Corvus RG160 Specification

Supported Corvus Accessories

  • Corvus Interface YES
  • Corvus Reader YES

Corvus RG160 parameters support the applications below integrated in a unique, easily controlled user interface - the Corvus Interface (valid as of 01.03.2019). Each Corvus upgrade extends the Applications list.

  • Basic applications: phone, contacts, calls diary, SMS, profiles, phone status, notifications
  • email, notes, calendar, alarm clock, dictaphone, text documents review, music player, calculator, file manager, Android apps manager
  • Useful everyday helpers: objects marker (only QR stickers), object search, positioning system (with SOS function), magnifying glass, torch
  • Easy access to information: book download (SKN, DigiBooks, KDD, Mathilda, Librivox are supported), RSS and podcast reader
  • Hobby and leisure time: sport, “balls” and “hangman” games
  • Slovak library for the blind (extended functions for library readers), Západoslovenská distribučná
  • Phone Support Apps: settings, help, upgrade manager, license manager

Corvus RG160 - Device Parameters

  • Structure:
    • Smart phone design: Standard phone
    • Basic colour: Black
    • Withstands dust: YES
    • Waterproof: Yes (up to 1.5 m deep for 30 mins)
    • Fall resistant: YES (from 1.5 m)
    • IP ranking: IP68
    • Smart phone dimensions (height x width x thickness in mm): 129 x 60 x 17
    • Smart phone weight (grammes): 137
  • Manipulation:
    • Touch screen: YES (capacitive touch screen)
    • Tangible keys: standard keyboard
    • Can texts be dictated (internet connection required)? YES
  • Core:
    • Processor: Mediatek® MT6572M
    • Graphics chip: ARM Mali-400 MP
    • Number of cores: 2
    • Core frequency: 1.2 GHz
  • Memory:
    • Operation Memory: 512 MB
    • Internal Memory: 4096 MB (resp. 4 GB)
    • Memory card support: YES (separate micro SD slot, max 32 GB)
  • Connection and interface:
    • 3G: YES (3G WCDMA HSPA 900.1900, 2100 MHz)
    • 4G: NO
    • Primary SIM card: Micro SIM
    • Dual SIM / Secondary SIM card: YES (Micro SIM)
    • Wi-Fi: YES (802.11 b/g/n)
    • Wi-Fi hotspot: YES
    • Bluetooth: YES (4.0)
    • NFC: NO
    • Headphones socket: YES (3.5 mm Jack)
    • USB: YES (Micro USB)
  • Screen:
    • Type: TFT
    • Diagonal dimension: 2.4"
    • Resolution: 320 x 240
  • Other functions and accessories
    • Rear camera: YES (2 Mpix – 1,600 x 1,200)
    • Rear camera lighting: YES
    • Front camera: NO
    • Positioning system: YES (GPS, A-GPS)
    • FM radio: YES (manufacturer’s application available from Corvus Reader)
  • Battery:
    • Battery capacity: 1800 mAh
    • Replaceable battery: YES
    • Wireless recharge: NO
  • Basic equipment of Corvus RG160:
    • Device brand: Ruggear
    • Device type: RG160
    • Was the device adjusted? YES
      (Pre-installed Corvus RG160 must be purchased. If you use an original RugGear RG160 device without adjustments, and install Corvus at home, some Corvus functions may not work properly. This could result in restricted use of the smart phone by users with visual impairment.)
  • Software:
    • Operating system: Android (Version 4.4)
    • Smart phone manufacturer’s extras: YES
    • Pre-installed Corvus: YES
      (sold in 2 variants:
      • with activated license Corvus EFFECTIVE – smart phone IMEI-bound license; or
      • with pre-installed Corvus - the license is not activated – suitable if you have already bought a Corvus EFFECTIVE PLUS license and would like to transfer it to your smart phone)
    • Google Play applications can be installed: YES
    • Operating system languages: 27 languages
      (inter alia: English, German, Czech, Slovak, Polish, Italian, Spanish, French, Hungarian, Dutch, Norwegian, Croatian, Danish, Estonian, Lithuanian, Latvian, etc.)
    • Corvus languages: 6 languages
      (English, German, Czech, Slovak, Polish, Italian)
  • Sale and warranty:
    • Package content: Corvus RG160 smart phone and accessories
      (quick manual, micro USB cable, battery charger, earphones equipped with microphone, screen foil, screwdriver to loosen the rear cover)
    • Package dimensions (height x width x thickness in mm): 142 x 73 x 55
    • Package weight (grammes): 323
    • Warranty: 24 months